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Welcome to Magpie, the home of specialist ecommerce consultancy. What do we do? It’s simple, we make ecommerce work for you with a range of expert consultancy, assistance and audit services. Whether you need a performance audit or platform selection has got you losing sleep, our team of seasoned ecommerce professionals are here to help with an abundance of industry expertise and real-world experience.

All your ecommerce consultancy needs in one place

Magpie offers a wide range of ecommerce consultancy services to cater for the changing needs of your business. In every case, you’ll receive expert advice from someone who knows the industry inside-out:

Our specialist Magento audits help to optimise your Magento store, making it faster, bug-free and improving conversion rates long-term

We’re experts in Google shopping – including feed creation, feed management and campaign management

Why us?

We’re not your bog-standard ecommerce consultants. Magpie is a tightly-knit team of creative specialists who have “been there and done that” in every facet of ecommerce. Working with clients big and small, from across the world, we’ve gained invaluable, unique, real world experience of what works for you. It’s this that sets us apart as ecommerce consultants.

We can help you and your business deliver the best user experience, achieve high conversion rates and succeed in your ambitions –  like we have done time and again for countless clients.

Who can we help?

Ecommerce is dynamic. It’s boundless. And it’s open to anyone. At Magpie, we offer the same scope with our services. We thrive on helping ambitious start-ups with their initial ecommerce plan. We love making ecommerce a reality for established retailers. And, just as much, we relish the opportunity to assist recognised ecommerce businesses with their optimisation online.

Whatever point you’re at in your ecommerce journey, we offer expert consultancy to help your grow, succeed and reach your ambitions.

Get the ball rolling today by contacting our team.