Platform Selection Consultancy

Get the right ecommerce platform for short-term and long-term success

Not all ecommerce platforms are the same. Far from it, in fact. And choosing the right ecommerce platform is crucial for success. To do so, businesses need to take a step back and consider their position, current requirements and realistic objectives for the future.

That’s where Magpie comes in. Our specialist ecommerce consultants will evaluate your business objectives and what you need to achieve them. We then utilise our expert knowledge and experience of ecommerce platforms to recommend the perfect match for you. 

Best for you

Which ecommerce platform is the best? – This is a question we encounter time and time again. But it’s not one that can be answered. Why? It’s missing an essential ingredient – your business. A recognised retailer expanding to ecommerce will be in a much different position to a small business dealing only in online sales, for instance.

The best ecommerce platform depends on the business that’s using it and what they need. What functional requirements do you have? What level of customisation do you need? How much can you commit to financially? Getting these criteria wrong can put unnecessary boundaries on your business and set you back financially.

Answering the key questions

To determine which ecommerce platform best fits your business, we firstly review the current system to assess its capabilities and weaknesses. Our expert consultants also hold workshop sessions involving stakeholders from across the business to get a feel for the day-to-day requirements. From there, we begin our comprehensive selection process:

Platform selection with Magpie

When you choose Magpie as your ecommerce consultants, you benefit from a depth of experience and expertise on your side. Over many years in the industry, our ecommerce consultants have worked with a vast array of clients on a multitude of ecommerce platforms.

Magento, Shopify, Shopware, Demandware and many, many, more. We know them inside-out from first-hand experience, so we’re perfectly placed to determine the best ecommerce platform for you.

If you have any questions about platform selection, our process or any of our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us for an informal chat.