Ecommerce RfP Management

Bespoke project management for your Request for Proposal

Where do you start with procurement for your ecommerce site? For many retailers, it’s something of a wilderness. But with a comprehensive Request for Proposal (RfP) the process can be refreshingly simple.

At Magpie, we can complete project specifications and RfPs for merchants of any size. With a tried-and-tested RfP management process, our team can assist and advise you every step of the way – or just with specific queries.

RfPs – What you need to know

An RfP outlines the needs of your business for potential service providers. With that in mind, it needs to cover all bases. Platform suppliers, for instance, need to know what is expected of them, what your objectives are for the project and, of course, about your company. This is typically established over a number of key sections in the RfP document:

Throughout these sections, clear, concise language is a must to ensure suppliers understand the project completely. The team at Magpie can help with the RfP drafting process. However, there’s also a lot more behind the RfP that we can assist with.

Behind the RfP 

Every project is different and so too are the needs of our clients. Some companies need help with the complete RfP process, while others may only need assistance managing responses. Here are the steps we take across the entire process:

Our step-by-step process helps keep things efficient as well as providing clarity to clients who want assistance in specific areas. However, the ecommerce experts at Magpie offer far more than that alone.

Expertise on your side

RfP management requires attention to detail and specific knowledge along every step of the way. Magpie provides exactly that, with expert insight to help you get things right from start to finish. We’ve worked with ecommerce merchants, integrators and agencies of all sizes, so we have expertise on every side of the process.

At Magpie, we tailor services to your exact needs. We understand that every business is different and so too is what you require from consultancy. Our specialist ecommerce consultants can act as project managers for the RfP process or work alongside your team to advise and assist where required.

To find out more about Ecommerce RfP Management and how it can help you, feel free to contact us today.