Ecommerce Requirements Gathering

Whether you’re performing a system upgrade or replatforming altogether, requirements gathering is crucial. Businesses need to establish a water-tight specification for the project with guidance around every feature. That’s where Magpie comes in. We are specialist ecommerce consultants who can add invaluable insight to the planning process and make sure your project is a success.

A foundation for your project

Requirements gathering is the first major step in any ecommerce project. Or at least it should be. Too many companies fail to identify key site requirements. The result? A stressful project with often subpar results in the form of an inadequate ecommerce site. It’s the equivalent of building a house on shaky foundations.

With a structured approach to requirement gathering, projects can be evaluated and planned with much more clarity, precision and ease. That’s exactly what Magpie provides.

How it works 

Magpie’s expert consultants guide you and your team through the requirements gathering process. This starts with a discovery meeting, where we can ensure that we’re a good fit to help your business, followed by further meetings to establish key objectives:

Following various workshop sessions, we work to create a comprehensive project specification using the MOSCOW method – Must have, Should have, Could have, Won’t have. Every feature is then mapped out against phases of the project, to ensure each requirement is met.

Tailored to you

Magpie consultants are there to help your business wherever required. Once we’ve completed a comprehensive plan for the project, we can also assist with project specification documents for internal plans or RfPs for external quotes. While meetings are generally face-to-face, we can also facilitate remote sessions to discuss projects at length.

This is just a taste of how we tailor services to your business. Whether you’re a small company or large, established retailer, our consultants get to know your objectives and work to help you achieve them.

The end results 

With Magpie, the results speak for themselves. With our expertise on side, clients get a website that ticks all the boxes. Not only that, they get there without the stress, hassle and confusion of going it alone. How do we deliver this time after time? Quite simply, it’s down to experience.

Over years in the ecommerce industry, we’ve helped countless clients achieve their ecommerce goals through both consultancy and practical involvement. Whatever the issue, requirement or process, we’ve “been there and done that”, so to speak. By speaking to our specialist consultants, businesses add this invaluable asset to their own team.

Ready to add value to your team? We’re ready to talk. Get in touch with the Magpie team today to talk more about how we can help you and arrange your first meeting.