Luxury Ecommerce Consultancy

Expert insight for high-performing online retailers

No two businesses are the same, especially in ecommerce. The needs of a large, luxury ecommerce brand are far from that of an ambitious small business. We understand that at Magpie. That’s why we offer dedicated luxury ecommerce consultancy services for high-performing retailers.

Problems for premium brands

Luxury brands may have large followings, a distinct style and an attractive product range, but they still need their ecommerce site to provide a first-rate user experience. Sometimes, that simply doesn’t happen. Whether it’s failure to deal with peak demand, lack of scalability or simply a shortage of innovative features, sites can fall behind and leave businesses vulnerable to the competition. 

The solution?

To stop these issues holding you back, luxury brands require expert insight and direction. While your team knows your market, your audience and your brand inside-out, there’s often a void left when it comes to ecommerce expertise. At Magpie, we fill that void with a range of bespoke ecommerce consultancy services:

The right ecommerce consultants for you

Ecommerce consultancy adds immeasurable value to luxury brands. It allows you to capitalise on your strong position in the market. But it’s important to find consultants with everything you need – experience, expertise and a tailored approach.

That’s exactly what we offer at Magpie. Our team are experienced not only in ecommerce consultancy – helping countless brands succeed online – but also in hands-on ecommerce. We’re experts in our field, with specialist knowledge of everything from ecommerce platforms to conversion rate optimisation.

This is combined with an approach that puts your business first. We understand that luxury businesses have their own complex needs with different products, services and target audiences. Our consultancy services are tailored to you, so you can get the advice and assistance you need when you need it.

Want to discuss our services in more depth? Contact Magpie today to speak to one of our consultants.