Specialist advice, assistance and auditing from Magpie’s experts

To succeed online, you need a unique combination of creativity, vision, experience and know-how. At Magpie, we have that in abundance. And we’re ready to give it to you through our ecommerce consultancy service.

Comprising audits, advice and practical assistance, our consultancy service is tailored to you and your business. With our help, you’ll soon be hitting those targets, attracting the traffic you need and converting those visitors into sales.

The challenge of ecommerce success

Ecommerce is by no means easy. It takes years of training, experience, trying and testing to get things right. Around every corner is a new challenge, whether it’s replatforming, optimising performance or scaling up to cope with higher demand. That’s why every business from ambitious start-ups to well-established ecommerce merchants need a helping hand on their journey.

At Magpie, we understand that completely. Our seasoned ecommerce experts are ready to add value to your business with specialist insight, advice and direction for your business.

What you get from ecommerce consultancy

When you come to Magpie, you don’t get one-size-fits-all Bing Digital ecommerce consultancy. We tailor our services, combining multiple areas of expertise to cater for the exact needs of you and your company:

  • Auditing – Our team can put your site to the test with performance, effectiveness and user experience audits. We identify problem areas and help you remedy them
  • Platforming – Whether it’s initial platform selection or you’re ready to make the switch for an established brand, we’ll make sure you choose the ecommerce platform that meets your needs to a tee
  • Project management – From RfP and requirements gathering to Google shopping, we’re experts across the board. Our team is always on hand to add clarity and direction to your projects
  • Advice and assistance – Sometimes you can’t put your finger on what’s missing. Not to worry. Our specialist insight can change the way you see ecommerce and breathe new life into your business

Why Magpie?

At Magpie, we go above and beyond what’s expected from ecommerce consultants. Our dedicated consultants are committed to making your project or your site a success story.

Their experience goes further than general ecommerce too. Magpie specialists have helped countless clients from around the UK and further afield with all kinds of specialist ecommerce projects. And we can help you…

Talk to us

Scable Magento Hosting by Bing Hosting It’s hard to describe just how much value your ecommerce business gains from expert input. The best way is to find out for yourself. Whether it’s a one-off project or an ongoing drive for growth. An ambitious start up or an established brand. You can view our most recent client case study for Internal Doors & UK Oak Doors – We’re ready for the challenge.

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User Experience Audits

User experience is pivotal in ecommerce. It’s what guides visitors to the sale and keeps them coming back for more.

Magento Consultancy

Magento is a powerful tool. It provides businesses with a robust, flexible platform for ecommerce success.

Re-platforming Project Consultancy

Looking to replatform an existing ecommerce store? It’s understandable that you’ll be in need of guidance, we can help.