Magento Performance Audit

Amplify the performance of your Magento ecommerce store

Magento sites can be fast, powerful and effective in generating sales. That’s not always the case though. Magento merchants may find their site is sluggish on the whole or in specific areas. In either case, a Magento performance audit from Magpie can help. We perform a comprehensive review of your site to identify problem areas and how to put them right.

What’s gone wrong?

There’s always room for improvement. And ecommerce is no exception. But where exactly do you need to improve? Finding out requires expert vision and insight. You need to know where to look, what to look for and have experience of how things can be put right.

Magpie is a team of Magento experts that can provide impartial auditing for your site. Our team has worked on countless Magento projects, covering any and every area of Magento sites to identify issues and solutions:

How it works

Our Magento ecommerce audit starts with an introductory session. By meeting with your team, key stakeholders and external agencies, we can establish any existing issues or areas of concern. From there, we work to identify what’s slowing down your site and provide straightforward fixes.

Your final audit report will outline problem areas clearly. Fixes will be ranked for importance and complexity, and we can answer any questions you may have along the way. From there, it’s up to you. Fixes can be carried out by your own team, an external agency or – if required – we can also assist with implementation.

What you can expect

Magento sites aren’t slow for no reason. Put simply, our audits aim to find out what’s behind their poor performance. Once changes have been implemented, you can expect a site that runs smoothly and loads significantly faster.

With improved site speed, there’s nothing holding you back. A faster site typically leads to a more effective user experience and a noticeable boost to conversion rates.

Why Magpie? 

It’s almost impossible to explain the value that experience and expert insight adds to your business. At Magpie, we have both in abundance.

Our ecommerce consultants are all Magento certified. They have assisted Magento Community and Enterprise merchants with their sites on countless occasions. In every case, we have succeeded to make significant improvements to site speed.

Our clients don’t want to put up with a slow ecommerce site. And neither should you. Speak to the team at Magpie for more information on our Magento Performance Audits and how they can help you.