Magento Project Consultancy

Get the most out of Magento with expert assistance

Magento is a powerful tool. It provides businesses with a robust, flexible platform for ecommerce success. And it’s even more powerful with expert insight, advice and assistance from time-served Magento specialists. Magpie’s expert ecommerce consultants can add invaluable guidance to your project to ensure you get the most out of every aspect of Magento.

Covering all bases

Like the platform itself, Magento projects are dynamic and ever-changing. They can range from the development of specific features to full-scale Magento replatforming. At Magpie, our consultants are experienced across the board. We have assisted clients on Magento projects of all sizes, helping them get exactly what they need from the platform.

Here’s an idea of the areas we cover:

These projects are often one-off, rather than ongoing. With that in mind, it doesn’t make sense to recruit or seek long-term assistance. That’s where we come in. Magpie provides support and guidance as and when you need it.

The power of flexibility

Merchants choose Magento because it’s a flexible platform that works for their changing needs. Ideally, you want your consultancy services to match that flexibility. Magpie consultants offer exactly that. We aim to fit in to your project and provide support where you need it.

It may be that you require general consultancy and guidance for your Magento replatforming. No problem. Maybe you want someone to take control of requirements gathering and RfP management. That’s us. How about a Magento solutions architect to help with technical features? We’re the perfect fit. Our consultants can even work as project managers for large Magento operations.

How it works

Our project consultancy service starts with a discovery meeting. Here, we’ll meet with your team and any key stakeholders to discuss your business, the challenges your facing and what objectives you have for the project as a whole. This key step helps us to establish a foundation for the project, so we can begin to tailor our services to your needs.

We’re not a Magento agency. Instead, we work ad-hoc to solve whatever problems or challenges you’re facing. Essentially, Magpie is an extension to your team or your Magento agency, which amplifies the efficiency of the whole project.

Get experience on your side

Ecommerce success requires the perfect combination. Knowledge of your industry, your business and your target market combined with the insight, expertise and experience of ecommerce specialists. We know you have the first part. Magpie provides the latter, adding immense value to your business.

To find out more about how we can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact the team today.