Replatforming Project Consultancy

Looking to replatform an existing ecommerce store? It’s understandable that you’ll be in need of guidance. Replatforming is a big step for your business, whether it’s early on in your journey or further down the line as an established brand.

With the cost, time and effort invested, it’s certainly not something you want to get wrong. Fortunately, our ecommerce experts have assisted with countless successful replatforming projects over the years – and we’re ready to help you with yours.

Time for change

There are several reasons why replatforming might be necessary. Maybe your business has grown beyond the capabilities of your current platform. Maybe your current platform fails to provide the right tools for personalisation or analytics. Or maybe you’re just not getting the performance you need to attract traffic, convert customers and generate income.

In any case, it’s essential to consider what you need from an ecommerce platform and which route is best to take to fulfil these needs. That’s where our replatforming project consultancy begins…

Specialist insight every step of the way

Our consultancy service covers all bases to make sure your replatforming project is a success:

  • Objectives – Working with you, we will establish clear objectives for the project, your business and any partners
  • Functional specification – We can assist in requirements gathering and project scoping to create a full specification for the replatforming process
  • Platform validation – Our consultants will assess which requirements are native to your platform and which need customisation or third-party involvement
  • Documentation – Request for Proposal and tender creation is another area we can assist with
  • Partners – With an extensive network in the ecommerce community, we can recommend the right partners for your project based on specific requirements
  • Management – Our team can also manage the RfP process, from meeting arrangement to defining selection criteria

Is Magpie for you?

Choosing ecommerce consultants isn’t something you should rush into. It’s essential to find someone who is the right fit for you and your business. Here’s what sets Magpie apart from the rest:

  • Real world experience – We’ve spent years working on ecommerce sites across multiple platforms, so we know what will work best for you
  • Tailored consultancy – While many projects share similarities, no two are the same. We understand that and advise based on your specific requirements.
  • Putting you first – Our team has no vested interests and will advise on what’s best for your business. In some cases, for instance, we may discover that replatforming isn’t necessary.
  • Ready for the challenge – We work with businesses of any size, from start-ups to established brands, and from any sector. So, you can always rely on Magpie for expert advice and assistance.

If your replatforming project is in need of some expert insight, we’re just a click or call away. Get in touch with the Magpie team today.