Ecommerce User Experience Audit

Fine tune your user experience for amplified results

User experience is pivotal in ecommerce. It’s what guides visitors to the sale and keeps them coming back for more. With that in mind, you want every aspect to be completely on point. A user experience audit from Magpie can help you towards that goal. We provide actionable guidance on key fixes based on extensive research, market knowledge and ecommerce experience.

User experience not up to scratch

Needless to say, an ineffective user experience (UX) has a huge impact on your site and your business. But without years of experience in ecommerce it’s almost impossible to pinpoint what’s going wrong in a multitude of areas:

How it works

At Magpie, our team has a depth of ecommerce experience – both hands on and advisory. We know what works, what doesn’t and what areas to cover with your ecommerce UX. This is combined with audience-specific market research and interviews to provide essential knowledge for our complete UX audit:

Audit delivery

The results from our audit are delivered in a simple, easy-to-digest report. We clearly outline general findings and core issues along with recommendations on how to remedy them. Any on-site changes are ranked for complexity and potential impact. The audit also comes with supporting analysis where required, just so you know how we’ve made our decisions and drawn conclusions.

Before starting the audit process, we make sure to meet with your team and key stakeholders. This allows us to establish the main objectives of the process, any existing issues and potential areas of focus for the audit and report. Using this, we create a statement for the project outlining the process, focus and intended results.

Tailored UX audit

Some clients may want us to focus on the user journey, while others want to improve the navigation or search function on their site. Because we have experience across the board in ecommerce, we can provide complete flexibility in this sense. Essentially, we tailor your UX audit to you and your business.

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