Writing copy for your eCommerce store is a tricky business. You’re trying to sound like a human, yet still rank for SEO keyword purposes, and sound interesting all at the same time. Let’s consider some eCommerce copywriting mistakes that could be affecting your business and ways to fix those mistakes.

1. Meaningless “chat” is soiling your pages

Formerly “popular” words such as “market-leading”, “world-class”, and “innovative” are used so frequently they have almost lost their impact. Now they tend to just fill a space without adding anything meaningful. Play devil’s advocate and consider each sentence. Ask, “What does this mean?” – if you don’t know the answer right away, then switch it up. Meaningless words and phrases tend to distract your readers, whereas figures and facts increase your credibility.

2. A lack of personality

Lots of eCommerce websites sound like what they are: a big corporation without a heart. They don’t engage, connect or sell the value of the products and services they are offering. The problem with that is, most people don’t like chatting with a faceless corporation or ringing a bland, unhelpful call centre. So, why create copy that sounds dull and unapproachable?

In order to connect with your readers, a hint of personality on your eCommerce site is all you need. Consider your tone of voice and who you are writing for. Try to visualise your buyer and consider how you would talk to them in a real-life scenario. Try to sound down-to-earth and human, as that’s how you engage with potential customers.

3. You edit in less than 10 minutes

A professional copywriter doesn’t write in one go. They plan, write and edit. Imagine you are talking with your favourite customer, then read your copy aloud. Are you boring your favourite customer, or are they laughing at your witty phrases and text? Always re-write your copy until you’re able to persuade your favourite customer to buy your service or product.

These are three copywriting eCommerce mistakes that you can avoid to help grow and enhance your online store. If you’re interested in a top quality eCommerce design company who can assist you with all your eCommerce needs, then get in touch with us today.