Over the past few years, mobile has seen a dramatic increase in driving eCommerce. With our society becoming more and more tech-focused, we’re prone to spend more time on mobile devices as opposed to desktop, something which is especially relevant for the younger generation.

For example, during 2017, mobile was responsible for 58% of all retail eCommerce sales, equating to around 1.4 trillion USD.

Optimising any website for mobile is one of the key factors for success. Not only that, but ensuring other digital platforms, such as social media and email marketing, are mobile-friendly is also vital in driving conversion rates. There’s plenty of routes to do this, but making sure you’re fully clued up with the help of an eCommerce consultancy, such as Magpie, is the first step to success.

Targeting customers with tactics such as push notifications is a highly effective way of helping drive mobile eCommerce sales. When these are relevant, such as tapping into national days and newsworthy topics, they can make even more of an impact. With new data laws coming into play in May 2018, it’s also important you know how these changes will affect you and your business. The way businesses store user data is one of the main factors, so it’s vital to understand these changes, and what kind of impact this will have on your work.

When driving eCommerce through mobile, the main thing people want is to do things fast and easy. The more steps involved in the conversion funnel, the less likely you’re going to make a sale. Making things fast, simple, and easy is a sure-fire way to entice customers and can really help drive sales effectively.

Reporting and performance audits for mobile sales are equally important and will help you understand how to evolve your strategy and get the best ROI. There are plenty of avenues to go down for this, but when your reporting strategy is supplying you with the correct and useful information you can utilise this to really grow your business.

When you need help optimising your online shop for mobile, our eCommerce design agency can help. We have a range of eCommerce services to help you achieve whatever you want with your shop, including Magento developers, Google Shopping Management and more. Contact us directly to speak with one of the team.