Your eCommerce website is a conversion engine. Primarily, it’s there to turn curious visitors into happy, paying customers for your products and services.

Just like SEO services will get your online store seen more frequently in search results, the right conversion optimisation can direct your prospective customers more frequently towards your website’s action pages.

There are tons of tools and design features that can be implemented to make your conversions and sales more likely. While we’d highly recommend an eCommerce UX audit on your site, to identify exact areas for change, here are just a few conversion-optimised features that could work in your website’s favour:

Large, image-led homepage design

The first two seconds are critical for retaining your visitors’ valuable attention. That attention is being shaped by HD entertainment and Instagram on a daily basis – so the design of your homepage needs to give them your very best products in huge scale, high appeal images. If you can grab people’s interest with a full width image carousel, and visual navigation throughout your site, you could begin to retain more traffic immediately.

Best-in-class product gallery

Your website’s product pages are critical to the success of your business, and an opportunity to really draw more shoppers towards your site checkout with a full cart. Large scale, professional, high definition images of your products are just the start of what you could do here. You may also want to look at high appeal features like revolving product photos, back-in-stock notifications, hover-over product detail boxes… and slick opportunities to up-sell or cross-sell your paying visitors using social proof, with links to products bought previously by other customers.

Secure, low-friction checkout

This is what it all comes down to, and where so many sales can fall off at the last moment. Your checkout page needs to work extremely hard just to seem easy and effortless, especially on mobile devices. Many customers also take for granted the option to checkout as a guest, without a second wasted on unnecessary form filling. Shipping estimates, one-page-purchase and PayPal integration are powerful tools to guide more transactions to completion, while clearer security measures on display can really boost those final decisions to buy.

From consumer trust markers to social media integration, and vital mobile-responsive design, there’s massive potential to optimise your eCommerce website for more conversions. And that’s where we can help.

We’re Magpie, a data driven eCommerce consultancy. We specialise in best practice eCommerce development and design. We will audit your site’s performance and support you through the entire process, which effectively reverse engineers an increase in your online sales. Get in touch today to find out more.