As an online retailer, you know that every split-second counts for your customer’s user experience of your site… and for turning rushed shoppers into paying conversions.

It’s hard enough when costly ad spends and considerable marketing efforts produce only single-digit completions on final transactions; it’s the same for every store. But if your site’s design, serve time, mobile-responsiveness or ease-of-use are even slightly behind that of your competitors, then your loss of business could be amplified.

Is your online store losing money?

Complex eCommerce platforms like Magento can be fantastic when they’re designed and developed in the right way. But handled inefficiently, an online store could actually lose much more business than it attracts. Worse still, if a store’s security measures fall behind, they could potentially put their customers’ financial data at risk.

With the eCommerce market maturing, and online trends shifting towards the power of reputation via social media, no retailer can afford to let their store’s look or UX fall behind. It takes constant work to stay on top of changing developments in eCommerce, but many online retailers are caught between slim margins and the spend involved on expanding their business. With any store’s sales data bumping along in the shallows, there’s a real tendency to feel stuck.

Specialist agency services, like Magento design, code auditing or Google Shopping management, might just seem to add more costs to your business. But there’s little point in spending continuously on ads, marketing materials and non-stop promotion if it’s actually your store that’s losing you conversions at the last hurdle.

Consider the initial investment

It really can be worth the initial investment to engineer your website towards increased traffic and sales activity, and to get you ahead of competitors. It’s about making your store work harder for you – and that’s where we can help.

We’re Magpie, a data-driven Magento conversion consultancy. We specialise in best-practice eCommerce design and development. We audit sites’ performance and support our clients through the entire development process, which effectively reverse-engineers an increase in their online sales.

eCommerce changes constantly, and often drastically. It takes a dedicated team to stay on top of new developments and implement them profitably. Get in touch, and we can show you exactly where your online store could be picking up more conversions. Then we’ll work with you, to bring more sales your way.