You can tell a lot about an online store by the colours they choose. Lots of eCommerce businesses don’t realise that the various colours they use on their website and eCommerce store can significantly impact the mood of your customers. You need to ensure you are gathering the right mix of colours or it could mean the difference between a fleeting visitor and a recurrent customer.

To help you get the most out of your eCommerce store, we’ve put together a guide on how different colours can impact your customer behaviour.

Background on the psychology of colour

According to studies, over 92% of people said that colour plays a vital part when purchasing merchandise. Studies also showed that shoppers subconsciously judge the environment, people and a product within the first two minutes of seeing it. Crucially, around 60% to 90% make this assessment based solely on colour. This reflects just how important it is to catch the visitor’s eye with a smart layout of colours and its integral impact on eCommerce success.

Your final colours should be impacted by the style of product you are selling and what difference your product can make to that person. This breakdown of colours below should help assist you.


Orange radiates energetic warmth and ambition. It also represents originality, passion and a fresh beginning. Orange paired with light shades of blue can show an exciting and positive vibe on your page.


Brown is a dependable and strong colour. It, therefore, appears reassuring to shoppers, showcasing a vibe of confidence and if you perfectly balance it with other colours, it can help convert a potential customer into your call-to-action.


Yellow is a bright, bubbly and cheerful colour. It can easily grab user attention, but at the same time, it can become too much and give someone a headache if it’s used excessively. Integrate this colour tactically.


Green portrays an organic and natural vibe which makes it an easy colour to gaze at. When a customer sees green, they often relate the colour to relaxation, positivity, harmony and safety. Don’t underestimate the importance of feeling safe when shopping on an eCommerce store.


White showcases clarity and purity and it’s a vital component to all web pages. You should always include some form of white space around content to help your customers feel less “boxed in”.

These are just some colours that can be used strategically to help boost your eCommerce store. If you’re interested in an eCommerce design agency that can help create a stunning and beautifully balanced colour scheme to suit your business, then get in touch with us today.