In this world where the internet is the place to be, more and more businesses are making their presence known online. When eCommerce first came into existence, the market was limited to locales, unless you managed a giant company that could afford to branch out anywhere. Nowadays, almost all business owners are considering working with an eCommerce consultancy firm to extend the reach of their company. For sure, you have heard a lot of things said about eCommerce. There are good and bad, myths and facts, and myths that could be facts.

eCommerce is the same as a brick and mortar store

Business owners that have existing brick and mortar shops may think that having an eCommerce store won’t make a significant difference. It actually helps boost sales and widen your customer range if you are able to sell online. But with regards to how people purchase and how the store sells, it is pretty much the same. Customer service is still key.

An eCommerce store will get immediate traffic

Most eCommerce companies set realistic expectations for their customers, like driving traffic may take time. Those who are selling are saying that you can get traffic immediately. So, which is true? Both, actually. Why? There are several factors that could help determine how quickly you can get traffic, such as the industry and the type of product or service you are offering.

People are attracted to flashy websites

Flashy websites are often a no-no when it comes to website design. Too much content and graphics could slow down the website. However, this will depend on the type of business. Party supplies, for example, would need a colourful and fun website to catch the attention of potential customers. An eCommerce design agency should be able to control the design elements without compromising speed and professionalism.

eCommerce is expensive

eCommerce companies offer solutions to help business owners create their online store. Some give out promos and discounts while some customise a plan that best suits the business. Is it expensive? It can be, but reaching more people and making your company accessible to anyone at any time of the day could increase profit, so it will be totally worth it.

Forget about general information, let’s focus on your specific product or service, industry, and needs. Call one of our experts to get a better glimpse of how eCommerce can help you improve your business.