As an eCommerce store owner, your main goal is to drive as much traffic as possible to your store in a bid to get paying customers. There are two main strategies to obtain this goal. The first involves relying on paid ads and the organic traffic you receive, and the second, is to use a blog. You can combine both your paid ads and blogging efforts to double down and obtain even more traffic to your store. A smart eCommerce store owner will use the later strategy to build their business, however if you’re on the fence, then check out these different reasons to start a blog for your eCommerce store.

1. Develop A Voice For Your Store

Personality is one area that eCommerce stores struggle to compete with content-based online businesses. To make your store truly stand out, it’s important to develop a brand voice, and blogging is a really effective way to do this.

2. Attract Traffic From New Sources

Basically, the more pages you have on your store, the easier it will be for the internet to find the pages and purchase from your store.

3. Enhance Your SEO efforts

Search engine traffic is extremely profitable for online businesses. However, you need to deliver what the search engines are looking for which is basically useful and well-written content. Whenever eCommerce stores begin to implement blogging into their regular marketing strategy in a way that focuses on search engine traffic, they often find that the traffic coming into their store rises significantly.

4. Create An Effective Call to Action

When you begin to blog, you are creating new ways to tap into a customer’s mind in ways that most eCommerce stores don’t do. As visitors are reading the useful content on your blog, you’ve got their attention, which gives you the ability and power to guide them to wherever you want them to go, which is usually various product pages. On these pages you can use call-to-actions, and since you’ve got their attention, consumers are more likely to fulfil that desired next move.

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