An increasing number of consumers rely on eCommerce sites when making all types of purchases, which is great news for businesses involved in online sales. However, the increasing popularity of online shopping is leading to an influx of new eCommerce websites, which are all trying to appeal to the same customers. To ensure your eCommerce site has everything it needs to stay ahead, we have put together our top optimisation tips.

1. Design

The landing page design is essential, and it is likely that this is the page which the majority of your potential customers will see first. It is essentially your shop window, so it is vital that the design creates a brilliant first impression. Aim to keep the design simple, display a wide range of your products and make sure you have a well-positioned search function.

2. The psychology of colour

Choosing colours based on the psychology of your customers can encourage visitors to engage with more products on your website. For example, black and silver will give the site a luxury feel, whereas red will command attention and excitement.

3. Search engine optimisation

To encourage visitors to your eCommerce website you need vast amounts of organic search traffic. To boost search engine optimisation for your website, ensure your content is detailed, relevant, unique and avoid stuffing too many keywords into the text.

4. The loading speed

If your site is slow, it is likely visitors will leave and visit a faster loading competitor’s site. As an increasing number of people invest in the latest smartphones, more people will be accessing your device from different devices with varying network speeds. An easy way to boost the loading speed of your website is to compress your product images, this will guarantee a great ratio between photography quality and speed.

5. The checkout process

Once you have successfully encouraged a potential customer to add products to their basket, it is essential that there is nothing in the way which could hinder the checkout process. Ensure your website accepts all popular payments methods and that your postage prices are low yet fast. The process should be as simple as possible, by only asking for essential information without lengthy forms.

As a specialist eCommerce consultancy, we are able to design a website which guarantees to position your business in the spotlight. For more information please contact our team.